Best golf wearables: Golf GPS watches

Golf GPS watches

Best golf wearables: Golf GPS watches

Golfer Alert : Knock shots off your handicap with these top 5 Golf GPS watches

Investing in Golf GPS watches or a swing analyser is a great way to slash shots off your handicap, and we couldn’t imagine going back to guessing which club to hit without the data to back it up.

Top 5 Golf GPS Watches in Infographics


a) Garmin Approach S6
The Garmin Approach S6 is so-called the daddy of golf watches, has built-in mapping for 40,000 international courses, and will display yardage to the pin and a top-down view of the hole on its colour screen.

b) Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watches

c) Golfbuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch

d) TomTom Golfer

e) SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch

Wearables and golfers have long been bedfellows, and for those desperate to shave a few digits off their handicap can really find benefits through technology. Using Golf GPS watches can help golfers make better decisions, and the price of technology has plummeted in the last year, making the tech affordable for everyone.