I love a good timepiece! I’ve always been a huge fan of watches! I’m always very interested to see the different types of watches on everyones wrists. I think watches are so sexy, so elegant, so effortless…& so timeless. Sporty watches, Statement watches, Dress Watches wow wow wow all watches are so so beautiful big and small. The hours put into each timepiece is amazing work in itself. It’s an art 🙌

I’m pinching myself over this unboxing of my gorgeous bijoux watch! I’m over the moon because I have been searching for the perfect watch for years. I’ve been tossing up between sizes and styles and different combo’s it really is hard to find a nice Rolex watch especially in Melbourne because there is limited stock and only less than a handful of Official Rolex stockists. You can’t really order anything in because for one, it takes about 3-6 months to get in AND it’s hard to order any watch where you’ve never tried it on! The different combinations all look different especially in person and especially when worn on your very own wrist.


At first i thought I would just get a 2 tone Rolex watch but then I thought nah I’ll just go all out and get a gorgeous gold one with diamonds. I thought well most of my jewelry is yellow gold & the hardware on my handbags are majority gold hardware so why not. I was really tossing up over the classic signature Rolex fluted bezel because I love the way it catches the light. So stunning but then with the diamond bezel on this one OMG it’s so sparkly I LOVE IT!

The watch I chose is called the Lady Datejust Oyster Perpetual President 28mm 18 carat Yellow Gold Silver Star index with Roman Numeral Number 9 Ribbon. This is a gorgeous dress watch which I can wear daily dressed up or down from casual brunches to weddings it is so so stunning! The dial colour I chose is Silver it makes the diamond bezel and dial really pop! I also love the newer Champagne dial where the dial is a light yellow gold also so so beautiful.


With all beautiful timepieces wherever it be from, it takes a lot of hardwork, thought & discipline. I work very hard for everything that I have. And I choose to spend it on things that inspire me to be better and work even harder. So everyday when I look at my wrist I fall in love over & over again & it inspires me. Watch lover for life!

I would love to know what your dream watch is or even better, which is your favourite watch that you own love and wear all the time.

Music: Axol x Alex Skrindo You NCS