James Bond Exclusive’s Watches (Infographics)

james bond watches

James Bond Exclusive’s Watches (Infographics)

“Rolex?” she asks.
“Omega,” Bond replies.
“Beautiful,” Lynd assesses.

Those three words sum up 50 years of James Bond and his exclusive watches. They also have either made Rolex and James Bond purists shake their heads and mutter, “product placement” or Omega devotees cheer wildly and clink their Planet Oceans in a sort of watch-nerd toast.

The history of James Bond and his timepiece choice can really be divided up into these two eras, despite the fact that the Bonds of Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton donned digital Seikos and a TAG Heuer in between.

James Bond Exclusive's Watches

For the number-crunchers out there, we have got a tally that might just make you the Grand Poobah of all 007 James Bond trivia :

16.7% of all James Bond movie watches detonate explosive charges.

12.5% of all James Bond movie watches emit laser beams.

12.5% of all James Bond movie watches receive messages.

29.2% of all James Bond movie watches perform some other, singular gadget-related function.

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