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watch storage for your luxury watches

Check out our expert tips to store your luxury watches collection to keep it in pristine condition.

1. Wipe down your watch every night.
Your watch picks up a lot of dirt throughout the day: sweat, lotion or even shedding skin. Clean your watch with a polishing cloth at night to wipe away any build up. If you’re putting your watch into long-term storage, have it thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual grime from the bracelet links and inside the watch that may, over time, corrode your watch.

watch storage for your luxury watches

2. Wind your watches regularly.
Automatic mechanical watches are wound by the movement of your arm throughout the day so it is not necessary to wind it every night, provided you wear said watch every day. But, if you’re pulling your watch out of storage or haven’t worn it in a few days, you will need to wind it manually or with a watch winder. It’s important to habitually wind your watch so the movement runs flawlessly. To learn more about how to wind and set your watch, read our post here.

3. Store your watch in a temperate environment.
Humidity, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures will strain your watch components and can damage the external metal. Therefore, store your watch in a safe place with a moderate temperature.

watch storage for your luxury watches

4. Use the original packaging as your watch’s storage container.
Prevent scratches and keep dust from settling on your watch by storing it in its original box and packaging. Or, if you don’t have the original box, pick up a watch roll or jewelry box to store your watches

5. Have your watch regularly serviced and cleaned.
Even after you take all the proper care and cleaning precautions on your own, you should have your watch professionally cleaned and serviced. The gears need to be lubricated and the metal polished and buff to keep your watch running smoothly. Barring any damage to your watch that will need professional attention, you should have your watch serviced every five years.

watch storage for your luxury watches

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