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Indonesia atelier MATOA introduces a line of urban wooden watches for the modern digital nomad

matoa watch

Nothing goes to waste at Matoa, an Indonesian company that turns discarded wood from local furniture makers into Matoa wooden watches.

Watch maker Matoa has found a way to help save the Earth’s natural resources and encourage recycling.

Matoa wanted to take nature to the next level, and tying in with its brand name, which stands for the bold, the crisp, and the exotic. These authentic time keepers are crafted with the deliberate simplicity of delivery nature’s time. Each wooden watch is made from a single piece of repurposed Jati Sungkai Indonesian wood, known to locals for it’s material qualities of flexibility and strength.

While wood materials are plenty in the region, the craftsmanship is a dying art. Traditional skills are not translated to urban sensibilities. When you order a MATOA watch, it is a chance for the world to collaborate and upscale authentic production and craftsmanship in South East Asia.

matoa watch

Choose from the Matoa Rote and Matoa Gili, made of sturdy Macassar ebony wood, the Matoa Sumba, made from combination two-ply, Jati Sungkai wood, Matoa Flores, made from a single piece of wood, and the Matoa Moyo, made of Canadian maple wood.

About two dozens workers strive around the clock to create 25 watches each day. These wooden watches has by far the best presentations wooden watch creation which I have ever seen. The watches are sold in countries including the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan and South Africa.

Matoa wooden watches is considerably very light and weighs less than 100 grams. Neither the screw nor the closure are noticeable.

Matoa : More than just a watch

When you wear Matoa wooden watch on your wrist, your world is about to change. Matoa is more than a timepiece. It is not a mere accessory or a fashion statement to one’s appearance. It is, in fact, an investment, especially when it is handcrafted.

matoa watch

Choose your Matoa wooden watch and own one of the rarest eco-friendly wooden watch today.

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