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Simple Steps To Ensure Your Watch Is Healthy & Ticking

Just like a human being who needs to keep healthy and fit by watching their food intake and exercising on a regularly basis, a watch lover should also adopt such maintenance on their timepiece. The following, simple yet effective steps, are what every watch lovers should do to show their care and concern on their little ones:
1. General cleaning
2. Maintenance schedule
3. Winding & Setting
4. Batteries
5. Refinishing

1. General cleaning
The environment that we work in will surely contain specks of dusts, grime and moisture that may contribute to our watches cleanliness. So, make it a point to remind yourself to wipe off your watch on a regular basis to remove such dirt from accumulating at the crevices area. It is recommended to use a dry soft cloth to clean a non-water resistant watch and to use a soft damp cloth to clean a water-resistant watch.

2. Maintenance Schedule
It is recommended to schedule maintenance for your watch every three to five years to maintain its lifespan. Apart from a 5 Point Check-up, it is absolutely important to have a complete movement overhaul. This would involve battery replacement, sizing and adjustments, ultrasonic cleaning, straps and bracelets replacements and water resistance maintenance.
3. Winding and Setting
For those with a manual watch, it is important to fully wind the crown at the same time each day. Please do not force the crown if it stops or you feel any resistance as it can damage the setting mechanism. For those with an automatic watch, it is recommended to wear it every day and be active. This means your watch has to be on your wrist to maximize its optimal performance. Additionally, you also need to wind it once every two weeks if you wear it daily and to wind it twice a week if it is not worn daily. As a preventive measure against damage movements gears and pinions, do not set the date between 9 pm and 3 pm.

4. Batteries
Average quartz watch battery lifespan can last between 1 to 3 years and this is notably derived from factors such as battery age, condition of watch movement and the type of watch. In a nutshell, the more functions a watch has, the more battery power is being used up. So it is important to change a battery promptly to prevent battery leakage and caused further damage to the mechanism.

5. Refinishing
Also commonly known as polishing, this process restores back your timepiece to its original lustre when it was manufactured. When a timepiece is being subjected to hard knocks and scratches, it resulted in dings and dents with discoloration. By sending your watch for a professional refinishing, you will be able to turn back its condition to its glory days. Just a word of caution though that only few talented individuals are able to perform this miracle at a good rate at

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