Wooden watches : symbols of class?

wooden watches

Wooden watches : symbols of class?

Wooden accessories have become more refined in recent years, with accents appearing on everything from belts to eyewear. The crowning achievement, though, is the wooden watches. Wooden watches can often be a blocky, awkward look that resembles the kind of beach bum jewelry you’ve shed since your teen years. But some new offerings now rival the style and design of fine Swiss makers, which is even more impressive when you understand the limits of wood as a medium.

Wooden watches add that classic touch of class with a unique, naturalistic twist.

While you may spend anywhere from a humble $150 to as great a sum as $5,000 depending on the materials and craftsmanship, Wooden watches instantly becomes the centerpiece of attention and a topic of constant comment.

There are numerous reasons to own wooden watches, but here are the 10 best for investing in a unique timepiece that you and your descendents will cherish for generations.

1. Unique

When a watch is crafted using wood, it is entirely unique. No two watches constructed with hardwood can ever be the same. Nature is infinite in its variety, especially when it comes to wood grain.

The color, shape, direction, and width of the grain varies by species of tree, the cut of the wood and the stain that to preserves it. It is impossible to make any two timepieces appear identical even when they are cut from the same tree.

Additionally, even if you purchase a production wood watches, most designers incorporate multiple parts of the wood in order to create contrast and complement among the components to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden pieces.

2. Eco-friendly

As a natural resource, wood is always renewable compared to metal or plastic and grows naturally all around the globe. With the amount of responsible forestry in the past three to four decades, the world is not running out of wood any time soon.

Artists use hardwoods, softwoods and even bamboo to create numerous works of art in the form of cabinetry, furniture, sculpture and timepieces.

Bamboo is actually one of the choice woods for creating wood watches as it is strong, grows rapidly and generates a lower carbon footprint than most traditional hardwoods or softwoods.

In addition to being more renewable than metal, wood requires less energy than metal when humans rework or machine it. Plus, wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, therefore by wearing wood watches, one are removing chemicals from the air.

3. Rare

We will have to agree, its fun wearing something that is out of the ordinary and very unique. The opportunity to wear something unique, unusual and uncommon that adds a touch of class and sophistication to your wardrobe rarely presents itself anymore in this age of the copycat products that anyone can order online.

When you drape your wrist with a wood watch, it instantly becomes an object of admiration and often disbelief.

Get used to hearing the refrain “Cool watch, looks like wood…Oh, it really is wood!”

In addition to being particularly unusual to see when people are out and about, wood watches are also completely individual thanks to the natural variations in wood grain. No one else you meet will ever have a watch identical to your own.

No matter what major name brand watch you buy, be it Timex or Rolex, anyone can buy one exactly like the one you have. Only wood watches are impossible to duplicate.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Many wood watches are constructed from recycled or reclaimed sources of wood, often selected specifically for their quality and contribution to sustainability. This is a very important point to make; Wood Watches are primarily made from recycled wood. This is because there is an abundance of wood thrown away each year, we source only the best wood off-cuts, or reclaimed wood for a fraction of the cost.

Not only does this prevent the wasteful disposal of old wood from demolition or destruction, it provides unique stories for each and every watch that artisans make.

Imagine owning a wood watch made from the cross beams of an old sailing ship or yacht?

Or better still, having a watch converted from a farmhouse that was built centuries ago.

Source the wood for the watch yourself, such as having a timepiece made from a tree that stood on family land or on your family’s property that had to be cut down or was felled in a storm.

There are few gifts as powerful as one tied permanently to places and people we love, and a wooden watch made from reclaimed or recycled wood offers that uniqueness.

5. 100% Natural Wood

Few possession we carry every day contain the natural look and feel of wood. We are surrounded by plastic, treated leather, synthetic fabric, metal and glass. So much of our everyday products are manufactured, processed, sterile and emotionless.

When we add wood accents to our daily lives, we maintain a connection to the natural world amid all of the artificial things that surround us. It definitely helps to carry a piece of natural wooden watches even in the middle of the urban jungle.

6. Non-Toxic and Chemical Free

Thanks to improved crafting processes and better finish formulas, buying a wooden watch doesn’t have to involve health hazards. Artisans create the best wood watches out of chemical-free and non-toxic materials and finishes.

A thing of rare beauty like wood watches should definitely add only good things to life, never bad.

7. Hypoallergenic

If one is having issues with metal allergies against the skin, wood watches are the perfect alternative. Wood Watches are perfect for people with skin conditions and allergies. Many people choose Wood Watches because they cannot wear standard watches. If you choose to purchase a 100% Wood Watches, you can be rest assured, you will be able to enjoy attractive jewelry in the form of wooden timepieces with beautifully crafted wristbands and backing.

8. Nickel-Free

Nickel allergies are very frustrating, especially for anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to nickel for fear of a break out (blisters that swell and burst, then the blisters become irritated by dirt and grime).

Wood Watches have a wooden plate on the back, this is in contrast to most watches which have a standard metal plate on the back. Since the backings of all wooden watches contain no metal, so anyone can easily wear a wooden watch even with a nickel allergy.

Suggest a wooden watch to someone you know suffering from a nickel allergy, or better yet purchase one as a gift to give them the joy of wearing a watch that is grand enough for even the most formal occasions.

9. Tradition

According to western wedding anniversary custom, the fifth anniversary requires a gift of something made from wood.

While purchasing a wooden gift for your wife or husband may seem simple, choosing something truly elegant and practical is not always so simple.

However, with the engravable nature of wooden watches, they make a fantastic and memorable gift for commemorating your fifth year together and one have just solved the problem of finding that perfect 5-year anniversary gift! (Drumroll)

10. Wood Watches Can Match Anything

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or where you are going, wood watches always look good. Unlike metal watches, which normally are worn to dress up, or plastic watches which are worn for recreation. Wood Watches can be worn almost anywhere, or with just about anything. Wood has an amazing colour and texture, it can be worn just about anywhere and since it is natural, it looks great. It does not matter if you are out in a bar, on the beach, at work or in a suit. You can wear a Wood Watch with just about anything.

Wooden watches will without a doubt make a memorable impression

Wood Watches are not just the perfect gift, but they are the ideal heirloom. When taken good care of, wood will last for a very long time and ages beautifully. Wood watches can mean a lot and stand the test of time.

Being able to own a timepiece from a different time is a remembrance of the people who came before you. This does not mean that the watch is worth a small fortune, but what it resembles can mean so much more.